Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Crystal Bowl and Pomegranits

I am so excited! I now know how to open Pomegranites. I always thought you just pulled all those little seeds out until you turned a certain shade of red. Not so. It seems the secret is opening them just a certain way in a bowl of water. The pinkie does not even get pink.

My husband and I decided to invite friends over for dinner so I could show off my new found skill. I prepared a dip with pomegranites on top and a wonderful salad with apples and pomegranites in it just to name a couple of dishes. Everything was going smoothly until I noticed that those little bright red seeds tended to roll off the chips and dip. A couple did make it to the floor and unfortunately got stepped on before they were discovered. Oh my! Well, it cleaned up pretty good. Fortunately there was no carpet involved so no permanent damage other than to my nervous system. Anyway, the dip and salad was yummy. Let me know and I'll send you the recipe.
The Crystal Bowl
18" x 13"