Monday, July 14, 2008

The Party's Over - Oil on Canvas

I'm going to show this as a step by step of a painting I just finished. Well actually more like how I started out. I seem to have gotten a little lax on photos toward the end.

This is a 30" x 24" canvas gallery wrapped. I wanted to get some paint on the edges for two reasons. One was to get some color on and to cover the white and the other was to protect the canvas around the corners. This is a grey acrylic.

Next I draw what I am going to paint using a thin mixture of oil paint and turp. At this point I am mainly trying to get my size and placement of the objects. The colors I'm using is not all that important and I'm not looking for any small details.

Here I've gotten a little further along with drawing in my objects and have used the wash to block in my larger masses.

Now that I have my large masses placed where I want them I now want to get rid of the white background. At this point I haven't decided yet on colors, I'm just more or less poking around for values. Still using the thin oil and turp wash. As soon as I get the white of the canvas covered, I'll start working more on values and experimenting with colors. And, get that darned glass stem straightened.

The Party's Over 30" x 24" gallery wrapped canvas $850.00