Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grand Canyon Painting from photos

Well, I don't think you can. Paint the Grand Canyon from photos, that is, without first experiencing the canyon itself in person. I believe this is true with most things or places - people too.

In some cases painting on location is not possible, so you take as many photos as you can and... guess what? Your painting will have more, much more sense of being there than if you had never viewed your subject. This will not take the place of painting on location for some, but it will far exceed painting from photos your friends took on their recent trips.

I think the "art of being there" somehow gives you a different feel for a place than just painting from a photo
A Grand View
11" x 14"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Intimacy and the Grand Canyon

I recently returned from a trip touring the southwestern part of the US. One of my most memorable moments was, of course, viewing the Grand Canyon.

Ah, the grandeur, the immenseness, the panorama of it all! As a painter I ask myself how can I capture the glory of it on canvas? I've had the pleasure of viewing some wonderful Grand Canyon paintings and have admired the artist's beautiful work, but I don't think anything can capture the majesty of the canyon itself. Therefore, I decided to leave the Grand Canyon paintings to artists much more daring than I and just enjoy the scenery.

By the second day I began to see small intimate areas of the canyon that I think few people remember and some never actually see. Small things such as trees, rocks, those silly squirrels, lizards and many other things that are a part of the canyon and call it home.

Below is a painting of one such scene showing how tenacious life can be "living on the edge".

Standing Alone
12" x 16"
Oil on Linen

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fine Art Prints

Recently I had the opportunity to be in a small show/festival. The weather was not ideal, attendance was off and the economy…well we all know about that.I didn’t have high expectations, but what I didn’t expect was not selling a single original painting. However, I did sell prints. And, they saved the day.

How many artists create a truly wonderful painting, have it sell and then wish they had had prints made?There are many ways to have prints made from your own works. If you are not inclined or have the equipment to do your own, there are other ways.One of my favorites is Fine Art America. You send a high resolution image of your work to them after setting up a free account. They show the listing of your original art.

The best part, however, is their “Print on Demand” service. This costs $30 per year and they are your print broker, so to speak. People see your art on their site and order a print. They handle everything and you get however much you want for your print.You can also order your own prints to keep in inventory at a very reasonable price. You can visit me on Fine Art America at: