Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fine Art Prints

Recently I had the opportunity to be in a small show/festival. The weather was not ideal, attendance was off and the economy…well we all know about that.I didn’t have high expectations, but what I didn’t expect was not selling a single original painting. However, I did sell prints. And, they saved the day.

How many artists create a truly wonderful painting, have it sell and then wish they had had prints made?There are many ways to have prints made from your own works. If you are not inclined or have the equipment to do your own, there are other ways.One of my favorites is Fine Art America. You send a high resolution image of your work to them after setting up a free account. They show the listing of your original art.

The best part, however, is their “Print on Demand” service. This costs $30 per year and they are your print broker, so to speak. People see your art on their site and order a print. They handle everything and you get however much you want for your print.You can also order your own prints to keep in inventory at a very reasonable price. You can visit me on Fine Art America at:

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