Sunday, February 11, 2007

Linda Hiller at Etsy

2.5" x 3.5"
Apple and Grapes SOLD
The above painting was done on Colorfix Sanded pastel paper. However, this is oil. It's the first time I've tried oil on sanded pastel paper and I really like it. It seems to give it a nice texture and for these little cards almost appears to be canvas. It pulls the paint off your brush nicely and is heavy enough not to need any backing. It's acid free, too. My only concern will be how fast it will eat my brushes up.
I'm branching out. Decided to try a few things on Etsy. So far I'm pleased with how easy it has been to set up a store there and list some of my art to sell. And, it appears to get a pretty good amount of traffic. It still need some work, but I'm on my way. If you lovely people out there would like to take a look, my store addy is Go take a look and give me some ideas about what else I need to do.
Well, I'm off to breakfast.