Thursday, March 20, 2008


Just finished framing this fellow today, and I think he likes his new home. At least I'm not gonna be the one to chase him out.

This is pastel on Kitty Wallis sanded pastel paper. It's a great paper and it really will grab all the different colors you want to throw at it. What fun!

Choosing the right frame sometimes can be very challenging because the frame can make a painting look very good or very bad. My first thought was silver. I tried a nice pretty antiqued silver - looked okay. Blended well with the colors in the painting picking up the cool colors. The only problem was that instead of a Iguana I had a Chameleon and it didn't show up at all!

I needed something to make this big boy jump off the paper - figuratively speaking, that is. At last my framer said well, I do have this nice piece of molding leftover that might work. Perfect! Right colors, right look, and right price.

So, never give up, that perfect frame is waiting for your painting. I've been looking for this one for nearly a year.

Iguana is 14" x 10.5" framed under Anti-Reflective glass with this beautifully detailed frame that is approximately 4" wide. Priced at $249.00, plus shipping

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blog Review

In case any of you haven't had a chance to visit the Bold Strokes for Art blog yet, you've missed out on viewing some wonderful art.

This dynamic trio have put together some really great colloraborative paintings. It's amazing how they each can do their own thing and "poof" it all comes together. Take a look.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Book Review

Margaret Kessler presents things in a very progressive language to profit the advance painter as well as the beginner. She will give you the motivatition to explore the potential of your palette, to bring atmosphere, emotion and harmony to your work. One of my favorite books!

If you work your way thru this book and using each of the different exercises, it's bound to make you a better painter.

Invite A Friend

One of the best and most constructive ways to paint is to get together with a friend - or more. I do this several times a week. As a matter of fact, I'm waiting for a friend right now.

While we paint we're also gonna review a painting instruction book that is in my aStore. I'm not going to tell you which one it is right now, but I'll have the results later today.