Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Looking For Ice

This one of my latest pastels. 24" x 18" on sanded pastel paper. I hope these majestic creatures will be around for many generations.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Artistic Emotions

How can emotions play such an important part in the creative process? So much of an artist goes in to the creative product that the emotions, or mind set can influence the outcome of not only the finished piece, but actually in being able to create.

It’s wonderful to be “in the zone” and just dance thru a painting. What happens when you slip out of that “zone”? Do most artist struggle just to finish, or just put it away until they get back on top of that mountain? Do all artists want to be on top of the mountain, emotionally? What about more of the complex or darker works of art-are they created on the top of the emotional mountain or halfway down? Or, perhaps by choice come from the valleys?

I personally have found during the last few months that I have to be on top of the emotional mountain or I cannot create anything at all. If I become depressed or melancholy at all I may as well leave my studio to gather dust.